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6 Reasons


Competent Business Partner

We can help you think design into your business in a way that generates a measurable market impact. You will meet collaborators with vast experience in all vital design processes which is reflected in our long list of client references and product successes.


Close Collaboration with our Customers

We provide a very high level of service to our clients in order to reach optimal solutions for the final product. As a result we have secured close and long-standing collaboration with many clients. In fact 78 % of our clients return with further assignments.


Innovation and Improvement

Our projects are often highly complex, our solutions are simple, balancing form and function in equal aesthetic measure. We help our customers get noticed as a strong player in the market, and create products that make you think: Why has no one thought of that before?


Network with Special Competences

We only do what we are best at in order to create successful solutions. We have a far-flung network of specialists with expert skills.


History and Success

Our history goes back to Knud Holscher’s partnership with Arne Jacobsen. Today we are an international design studio with a long track record of developing products for strong international brands.


Delivery and Payment

You can feel quite secure when hiring us. We deliver in due time and to agreed price.