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Holscher Design History


Holscher Design was founded as an independent design studio in 1995 by the renowned architect and industrial designer Knud Holscher.


But the agency goes back even further to 1971, when architect Knud Holscher established it as a part of KHR Architects.


Knud Holscher, who is one of the most influential designers in Scandinavia, began his career at the studio of the world-famous Arne Jacobsen

Many of Knud Holscher’s designs are world renowned classics and his work has had a strong impact on the Danish design scene.


Today, Holscher Design is one of Scandinavia’s most recognized and award-winning design agencies with over 70 awards and more than 40 years of experience. The studio’s core output is designing products, graphics, service design and design strategies. 


Find out more about the different eras of our history by clicking through the chapters.





Chronological exposition of the most important events in the history of Holscher Design

Arne Jacobsen

Knud Holscher worked with the renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen at his studio in Charlottenlund 1958-1964

KHR Architects

In the 1960s and 1970s Holscher Design was a part of one of Scandinavia’s largest architectural offices, KHR Architects

Knud Holscher Design

In 1995 Knud Holscher bought out the design studio of KHR Architects and established Knud Holscher Design

Holscher Design

Today, the studio is run by a group of seven partners, each of them with their own field of expertise.