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Knud Holscher Design

Knud Holscher Design


In the early years at Krohn & Hartvig Rasmussen Knud Holscher had supported the rule that partners should retire from the firm at the age of 65. However, when he himself turned 65 many years later, in 1995, Knud Holscher was nowhere near ready to retire.


Thus he bought out his design studio of KHR Architects and established Knud Holscher Design. With him he brought four young designers, three whom are partners at the firm today. The design focus of creating architectural accessories and street equipment, deriving from the time at KHR Architects, remained.

The studio designed toilets and architectural hardware as well as making a system of tactile street guidelines for the blind, an information landmark for the Copenhagen Metro called Metro Totem, and a range of street lights for Phillips.


But simultaneously the studio obtained more autonomous product design assignments. This included works for the German pen manufacturer Lamy as well designing for the iconic Italian lighting company Flos.



Chronological exposition of the most important events in the history of Holscher Design

Arne Jacobsen

Knud Holscher worked with the renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen at his studio in Charlottenlund 1958-1964

KHR Architects

In the 1960s and 1970s Holscher Design was a part of one of Scandinavia’s largest architectural offices, KHR Architects

Knud Holscher Design

In 1995 Knud Holscher bought out the design studio of KHR Architects and established Knud Holscher Design

Holscher Design

Today, the studio is run by a group of seven partners, each of them with their own field of expertise.