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Why choose Holscher Design

We can help you think design into your business in a way that generates a measurable market impact. This can be done in many ways. In some cases it is about creating products that solve the consumer’s problems in a new and exciting way. In other cases what makes an impact on the market is to design a product line which can generate additional sales.


We always base our work on thorough research to secure a profound understanding of your company’s needs as well as your product portfolio and brand position. This understanding is key to a successful result. The design process is modeled to fit your company’s wants every time.





What our clients say


“d line has passed through the gateway to the global market and there is no doubt that the idiom Holscher Design symbolizes, has evoked approval among international and trend-setting architects who considered quality and aesthetics in the whole building process, to be the aim of their work.”

– Hans Christian Petersen, CEO Carl F a/s


“There is no doubt that the co-operation with Holscher Design has had a great impact on the success of Ifö in the last decade.”

– Peter Jangstam, CEO Ifö


“If I should point out what it has meant for ScanWood that Holscher Design has designed a range of wooden kitchen line for us – I would have to say, that I’m not sure if the company would even exist had this line not been set into production.”

– Jens Peter Møller CEO ScanWood