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Spotlight series
Quinta for ERCO

Intuitive functionality, expressed in 


Design makes the difference

By having the right Strategy and powerfull team

ERCO Jilly

The Jilly spotlight series unites compact form with high quality lighting technology,
and is ideal for providing accent lighting in galleries, shops or the home.

Every Jilly spotlight has a matte black, incorporated antidazzle ring (snoot) with a cross
baffle at the front lens. It represents, in a visible expression, the careful measures taken to
limit glare, and guarantees a high degree of visual comfort. The housing and bracket are
made of cast aluminum; the electrical conduit cannot be seen as it is installed internally.

Jilly floodlights are versatile lighting tools that can be used to illuminate vertical surfaces
evenly and to accentuate objects. The cut-off angle of 50° and the matte black anti-dazzle frame,
guarantee an unusually high level of visual comfort.




Design makes the difference

The lighting architecture of the new BMW and MINI dealership in Brescia conveys the contents and values of the 

dealership in Brescia

That fits the client's portfolio and matches the brand. Read more... 

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