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Meet Ann Sophie, Ethnologist and Cultural Analyst at Holscher Design

Meet Ann Sophie, Ethnologist and Cultural Analyst at Holscher Design


Name: Ann Sophie Andersen

Background: Ethnologist with a Master in Applied Cultural Analysis

What is your role at Holscher Design?

I work as ethnologist and insight specialist and are in charge of conducting design research within multiple fields, contexts and settings. I apply my skills as cultural analyst through gaining insights behind the scenes of people’s lives – to explore everyday culture, and how people make sense of the world. Humans are wildly complex, built by preferences, motivations, relations and experiences which direct our behavior and needs. I study and analyze these complexities in order to establish the basis for design solutions that fit into the needs of its users.  

What drives your passion for design?

I have a natural interest for studying the contexts in which we engage with products, people and environments. It is therefore a privilege for me to work among designers and creative minds to design services and experiences that enrich people’s lives. We design solutions that complement everyday behavior and create intuitive, pleasurable and meaningful experiences. Through ethnographic field studies we gain insights into contexts, challenges, motivations and needs of potential users that frame design criteria and are a precondition for our designs becoming a success.

What is the most important part of your job?

Solving the right problem and creating meaningful and valuable experiences for customers is what drives us at Holscher Design. We work passionately and dedicated to explore meaningful insights that lead to new market potentials or design innovations.