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Oslo City Column

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Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25


Advertising column


Holscher Design won the competition for an advertising column for the City of Oslo.


The assignment was to combine a safe and easy-to-handle technical access to the underground, which at the same time should be used as advertising surface.


The tower should define itself as an icon for the Norwegian cities.


 They are manufactured in rolled steel sheets, extruded aluminium profiles and transparent polycarbonate panels.


The Oslo City Column is designed by Holscher Design for the advertising company AFA JCDecaux.

AFA JCDecaux


AFA JCDecaux offers free street furniture to Danish municipalities. The street furniture is funded by the advertising space integrated in the design. The company maintains and cleans the equipment, making the municipalities free to focus on other tasks.


The street furniture undergoes ongoing processes of development. The collaboration between AFA JCDecaux’s Research and Development Team and Holscher Design has led to the production of street furniture, which all has a public service function and also allows the integration of advertising that is aesthetically pleasing.


Since the early 1990s AFA JCDecaux has established themselves as the leading company in street furniture and is working with 26 of the country’s largest municipalities.


The columns are installed above access situations for underground transformers.


Bus Shelter Aarhus

A line of street furniture for Aarhus.


Metro Totem

Metro Totem is an information landmark.


Street Funiture

Wide collection for AFA JCDecaux.