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Feet Wheelchair

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Jette Banke

Senior Project Manager & Partner
Phone: +45 28 30 37 00

Jette Banke

Feet Wheelchair


The Feet Wheelchair is designed to give the user increased mobility and independence. It is height adjustable making it easy to pick up a dropped item as well as possible to join in at all table heights without restrictions.


The seat is divided in sections which are all adjustable to allow a perfect fit for the user. The chair has a reclineable backrest and is made compact by retracting the foot rest.


The foot print of the wheelchair is minimized, which will make compact spaces such as elevators more accessible. Furthermore, the Feet Wheelchair has spacious drawers with compartments in various sizes.

Bendt Wheelchairs


Bendt is a company developing welfare technology. Mads Bendt, now director of the innovation company, has previously worked as a special consultant in innovation and welfare technology in Aarhus.


Bendt has developed several wheelchairs, among them the world’s lowest power wheelchair and a wheelchair designed for developing countries of bamboo and bike wheels.


Mads Bendt has been in a wheelchair himself since a hang gliding accident in 1986 and developed a special wheelchair for himself.


Holscher Design has designed the Feet Wheelchair for Bendt that increases mobility and independence for the user.