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Jette Banke

Senior Project Manager & Partner
Phone: +45 28 30 37 00

Jette Banke

Construction Site


Applying for a planning permission for a new carport can easily become a bureaucratic affair. A difficult set of rules often result in incomplete applications, complicating and delaying the procedure. 


By involving citizens, case workers and consultants in order to get their perspective on what it takes to make the management of building projects easier, Holscher Design has developed a concept for a digital solution in collaboration with CSC and four Danish municipalities.


Holscher Design’s role has mainly been focusing on users and their needs, plus working with visualization of the user interface in a way that made it icon-based and easy to use.




CSC is the second largest provider of IT services in Denmark. CSC has developed and operates a large number of IT systems managing vital functions – from citizens’ enrollment in hospitals to the state’s tax collection system. They also have significant operations outside the country.


CSC develops and improves IT solutions for a wide range of public institutions and private companies. These IT solutions has to make sure that the government provides citizens with the best services and that private companies are as strong as possible in a competitive global market.


The Construction Site for planning and applying for building permissions was developed by CSC and Holscher Design.



Region North Emergency Department

Merging two sectors using service design