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d line Hardware

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Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25

Den Danske Design Pris
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d line Hardware


When entering a room the door lever is the first object you touch. If the object is crude or has an odd or unexpected shape, it is bound to taint the user’s interpretation of the room’s visual qualities.


d line Hardware has a simple and functional design but the minimalistic exterior contains advanced technique, ensuring the hardware’s strength and durability for many years to come.


Strength, endurance and functionalism play an integral role in our product development and in the overall shape and character of the products.


In keeping with the high technical standards of the design phase and an unrelenting dedication to advances in engineering, these qualities continue to raise the bar and thus the d line series to a level of timelessness.

d line


The d line ethos derives from a belief that design should be minimal, efficient and effective – a principle realised through form, strength and function. d line international has developed this philosophy in conjunction with Holscher Design, creating a broad family of products over a period of four decades, underpinning the evolution of a truly unique approach to architectural detail.


d line continually strives to comprise beautifully detailed building accessories which are eminently practical and compromise neither the designer’s nor client’s aesthetic.


As with all d line products, the fundamental building blocks of the information system are manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, making the products long-lasting and offering the highest resistance to corrosion in a wide range of environments and climates, for use indoors and out.

The d line hardware series is a complete range of hardware products from levers, back plates, pull handles, window handles and door stops.


d line Bathroom

Accessories for the washroom and shower.


d line Handrail

Uniquely constructed handrail system.


d line Signs

Flexible signage system.