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Anders G. Ellegaard

Senior Project Manager & Partner
Phone: +45 20 64 64 43




Holscher Design has designed the logo, graphic identity and new website for the company Dampa, who design and distribute specialized ceilings for various use. The website posed the challenge of having complex technical specifications and information that needed to be explained online. In detail, yet manageable and clear.


Thus, we have worked on making the website design as intuitive as possible, guiding the customer to easily obtain the information needed. The new website design was launched in December and can be viewed here:



DAMPA suspended metal ceiling solutions offer more than ordinary ceilings. Through a Form-Follows-Function philosophy, DAMPA ceilings combine features such as acoustics, fire safety, hygiene, climate control and lighting in a beautiful and environmentally friendly design.


DAMPA provide a wide range of integration possibilities making it possible to accommodate the need for comfort in the room while staying true to the intended appearance of architects and designers.


DAMPA products do not only conceal the above ceiling installations in a robust and beautiful design and contribute to a pleasant indoor climate. They are also environmentally friendly. Unlike many other building materials steel and aluminium are almost 100% recyclable and DAMPA suppliers themselves use a high degree of recycled raw materials.

Holscher Design has worked to make the website design as intuitive as possible!