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Erco Jilly

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Stig Myler

Senior Project Manager & Managing Partner
Phone: +45 40 52 14 16

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Erco Jilly


The Jilly spotlight series unites compact form with high quality lighting technology, and is ideal for providing accent lighting in galleries, shops or the home.


Every Jilly spotlight has a matt black, incorporated antidazzle ring (snoot) with a cross baffle at the front lens. It represents a visible expression of the careful measures taken to limit glare, and guarantees a high degree of visual comfort. The housing and bracket are made of cast aluminum; the electrical conduit cannot be seen as it is installed internally.


Jilly floodlights are versatile lighting tools that can be used to illuminate vertical surfaces evenly and accentuate objects. The cut-off angle of 50° and matt black anti-dazzle frame, guarantee an unusually high level of visual comfort.






Erco specialises in producing engineering hardware and software for architectural lighting.


Erco’s indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaires and lighting control systems constitute an extensive range of lighting equipment for general, comprehensive, architectural lighting solutions.


Holscher Design has designed several spotlight series for Erco ideal for providing accent lighting in galleries, shops or the home. With their directed halogen light, they are suitable for accentuating horizontal surfaces and are therefore ideally suited for use in restaurants, shops or prestigious areas in public buildings.


The Jilly spotlight series contains a Jilly Spot, a Jilly Flood and a Jilly Pendel.



Flos Pure

Pure is a collection of accent spotlights.


Erco Quinta

Rotate and tilt the light beam.


Primula LightYears

Primula is a series of outdoor lighting.