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Erco Quinta

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Stig Myler

Senior Project Manager & Managing Partner
Phone: +45 40 52 14 16

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Quinta Spotlights


Quinta spotlights are characterized by basic mechanical functions that have never been used in this way before. The spotlights are rotating and tilting the light beam within clearly defined angles. The set directions of the beam are fixed to avoid accidental change of set lighting alignment.


In the development of Quinta spotlight, Holscher Design designed angle-measuring details, which clearly indicate what the range can do. The luminaire triggers are comparable to a sextant, whose accurate angle-measuring precision, is mirrored by Quinta in the way it allows rotation and tilt angles to be selected and locked. Rotation and tilt angles are indicated on pinions within gear ring guides.


Quinta spotlights are in cast aluminium and available in white and silver.



Erco specialises in producing engineering hardware and software for architectural lighting.


Erco’s indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaires and lighting control systems constitute an extensive range of lighting equipment for general, comprehensive, architectural lighting solutions.


Holscher Design has designed several spotlight series for Erco ideal for providing accent lighting in galleries, shops or the home. With their directed halogen light, they are suitable for accentuating horizontal surfaces and are therefore ideally suited for use in restaurants, shops or prestigious areas in public buildings.



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