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Region North Emergency Department

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Jette Banke

Senior Project Manager & Partner
Phone: +45 28 30 37 00

Jette Banke

Region North Emergency Department


Currently, the emergency system in the Danish health service administration has a primary sector (the on-call GP) and a secondary sector (hospitals’ emergency rooms). This division is both expensive and obscure for users. Thus, the North Denmark Region wanted to unite the primary and the secondary sector making only one entrance to emergency assistance outside the GP’s opening hours.


Citizens only need to address one place when they are in urgent need of help. Holscher Design, in corporation with North Denmark Region and the design agency Workz, used service design to develop recommendations that challenge the traditional emergency model.


The tools are new workflows, a new view of patients’ waiting time, and a unified identity for the new device, new information systems and a general increased focus on patient needs.


Danish Business Authority


New hospitals, a growing group of elderly and the ever-changing demands for service, forces the public sector to look at how it delivers services and how citizens experience the service.


Therefore the Danish Business Authority, in cooperation with the Danish Regions, launched a number of service design projects with the aim of providing better service procedures in the public sector for the benefit of citizens and staff.


Holscher Design has been part of a project in The Northern Danish Region, regarding improvement of the design for the emergency department in the region. 



The new solution focuses on how to create a total experience for the patients.