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Project Info

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Knud Holscher

Art Director

Phone: +45 39 29 1001


Gense stainless steel cutlery


The new Gense cutlery, simply named “Holscher”, is a new series of innovative yet classic cutlery. The design has been a long time underway and has undergone a process of thoroughly analyzing our use of cutlery: The functionality, the ergonomics and the cultural signification of the way we eat.


When you dine, the cutlery is used in numerous ways, both to hold, separate, scoop and slice. All this is done in a three-dimensional space where your hands are turning and shifting grip. Our main focus has been to improve the hand/tool interface for a more natural usability.


In answering this we obtained a more expressive distinguished shape, which we developed trying to functionally create a totally new concept – very far from the numerous amount of cutlery on the market.





150 years of tradition in manufacturing cutlery recognizes Gense as one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cutlery. Gense was established in 1856 by Gustav Erikson and is today one of Scandinavia’s largest producers of stainless steel cutlery.


All over the world, the Gense brand is associated with high quality cutlery. The cutlery adds beauty to your everyday life, and is distinguished by innovative design. Form and function come together in Genses products.


Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Gense has been associated with well-known designers. The Gense trademark is founded on respect for traditions, and the rich complexity of craftsmanship.

It has been important to create a design that was functional, aesthetic and long lasting.