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Jens Christian Larsen

Senior Project Manager & Partner
Phone: +45 27 28 39 46

Den Danske Design Pris



Pictoform is a system of tactile guidelines developed to assist the blind in navigating around more easily. The elements are produced as multiples and single identifiers in cast iron, bronze and concrete. Due to their aesthetic qualities all these elements enhance the architectural facets of urban public spaces.


The elements can be used for many purposes. They can indicate a route across an area, mark a shift from pavement to road, or indicate bus stops. The system is particularly useful in and around hubs or city centers with open spaces and pedestrian areas.


Pictoform is placed to comply with natural walking paths. Both the shape of the cobble and the sound it makes when touched by the mobility cane, guides blind and visually impaired pedestrians.


GH form


GH form is characterized by developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality street and park equipment.


Cast iron is used in most of GH form’s products, but other materials such as stainless steel, wood, plastic, bronze, copper, aluminum and rubber coatings are used as well.


Since 1995 design has been an essential element in the development of new products for streets, parks and gardens.


Product development takes place in cooperation with designers or architects, such as Holscher Design, and GH Holbæk Iron Foundry.


Slabs and tiles are placed alongside the other facing, while the solo elements are mounted on top of the existing pavement and anchored with glue. The concrete slabs are for outdoor use. The iron cast tiles and solo elements in bronze or stainless steel  can be used both outdoor and indoor.