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Water Jetty Pontoon

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Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25

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Copenhagen Water Jetty Pontoon


The pontoon consists of a 10-metre ramp, which lead to a semicircular pontoon platform. Designed for side and front access, the pontoon is secured to two poles by spars, which function as stabilizers to minimize the effects of wave action.


As cladding, Azobé, a tropical hardwood from managed forests is used. For design consistency, the same material was used at the sides of the quays.


The ramp is a steel structure that is surface-treated to withstand the exposed waterfront conditions. In the Copenhagen harbour there is a difference of nearly two metres between high and low tide. The ramp is designed to take this variation into account.


Harbour of Copenhagen


The Copenhagen Harbour aims to create vibrant neighborhoods of international class, which are attractive to live and work in, and exciting to visit.


The Harbour of Copenhagen develops areas along the waterfront and in Ørestad and are in charge of port operations in the Copenhagen harbour.


The Harbour of Copenhagen developed a water bus, where Holscher Design was chosen to design the bus stops. The bus stops were created as floating pontoons.



Street Funiture

Wide collection for AFA JCDecaux.


Bus Shelter Aarhus

A line of street furniture for Aarhus.


Metro Totem

Metro Totem is an information landmark.