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Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25


iRoof Solar


Holscher Design has been an important part of the team behind the design process for iRoof – a revolutionary concept in the field of solar energy. The iRoof system makes it possible – for the first time ever – to install solar cells on slanting roofs, so the panels of the system spans the entire roof, appearing as one homogenous surface.


The system is applicable for all regular solar cells on the market. The system’s composition in panels ensures natural ventilation and easy service access from all sides. The system works like the best standard solar cell systems on the market, and iRoof Solar gives the same performance and durability guarantee.


iRoof has been developed in cooperation between a number of companies, each with different expertise and knowledge on the subject.

Iroof Solar


iRoof Solar is established by Vitral A/S og BlueCells A/S and is the provider of the iRoof Solar system for entire roofs. The Product iRoof Solar is the result of an interdisciplinary development work chosen to receive funding from the Danish Energy Agency’s solar cell pool under the EUDP (energy technological development and demonstration).


The purpose was to develop a new generation of products and solutions for the solar cell market. The program was made to stimulate the development of more efficient integration of solar cells in buildings and produce more aesthetic solutions to larger buildings. iRoof Solar was founded in 2014.


The idea for the development of the iRoof system and the compilation of the team were initiated by Signe Antvorskov Krag and Henrik Sørensen in 2013. The iRoof Solar project was carried out in the period between 2013-2015.

iRoof Solar is a revolutionary concept in the field of solar energy.