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Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25




FlowerWave is a modern vase, designed by Holscher Design for [d-zn]. FlowerWave is manufactured of High-Gravity Compound, an environmental friendly material of high quality.


It is available in four different colours, which can be combined according to desire.


The characteristic and expressive shape of the vase has its origin in a nonfigurative oriental tile pattern.


When composed in a larger number, many different shapes and patterns can be created. Thereby, the vase adapts to the table, the number of flowers, and the mood of the user.



[d-zn] is a Danish design company producing high quality design products sold worldwide.


The ambition of the company is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to use.


The product development takes place in close collaboration between different partners, amongst whom Holscher Design is one of the key players. [d-zn] is located in Gentofte, Denmark.

The size and shape of FlowerWave from d-zn is always commensurate with the size of any given flower arrangement. This is because it is composed of a potentially unlimited number of vases that may be added or removed always resulting in the precise form desired. Small bouquet – small vase. Large bouquet – large vase.



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