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Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25




LightArch is a unique and modern candleholder that offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating your own personal candleholder.


To be stable, the candleholder has to consist of three arches. Beyond this, an unlimited number of arches can be added in a large variation of ways.


The polished stainless steel sticks curve to mirror and reflect the glow of the candle light. LightArch can be easily packed and stowed away, when not in use.


The pipe of the candlesticks can carry candles of varying widths without using tinfoil. LightArch is available in two sizes: classic, candles with Ø20-24mm and mini, candles with Ø10-14mm.




[d-zn] is a Danish design company producing high quality design products sold worldwide.


The ambition of the company is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to use.


The product development takes place in close collaboration between different partners, amongst whom Holscher Design is one of the key players. [d-zn] is located in Gentofte, Denmark.

LightArch consists of single candlesticks, which put together will make your own personal candleholder – depending on the occasion. It comes in two sizes.