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Philips Milewide2

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Stig Myler

Senior Project Manager & Managing Partner
Phone: +45 40 52 14 16


Philips Milewide 2


Municipalities are embracing the benefits of contemporary outdoor lighting – increasing comfort, safety and security, making districts more attractive, and enhancing the public’s sense of welfare.


Holscher Design has created Milewide 2 using an energy efficient LEDGINE module, combining clean design and high performance. Milewide 2 comes in three sizes, and the luminaries’ design with masts and brackets merges perfectly into today’s cityscape.


Multi-layer optics provide a uniform light distribution with reduced glare, allowing direct replacement of Holscher Design’s solutions without compromising on space, mounting height or light quality.


Philips Lighting


Philips Lighting focuses on providing innovative solutions centered on the end-user, on energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a deep understanding of customer needs – at home and in public spaces.


With new lighting technologies such as LED technology and the increasing demand for energy-saving solutions, Philips will continue developing groundbreaking new lighting products.


Holscher Design has designed two street light systems for Philips – the Philips MileWide and the Philips MileWide 2 – made for the MileWide road accessories.


The Milewide 2 luminaries are designed for Philips and is compatible with a wide range of road accessories, which also include traffic lights, signs and bus stop shelters.


Philips Milewide

Luminaries in chill cast aluminum.