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Philips UrbanMoon

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Stig Myler

Senior Project Manager & Managing Partner
Phone: +45 40 52 14 16


Philips UrbanMoon 


UrbanMoon is a lighting fixture designed for larger roads, streets, city centres and open areas, and is the latest design in the successful collaboration between Philips and Holscher Design. The fixture is discreet during the day, blending into the street scene. At night it helps set a comfortable and reliable atmosphere.


The opal, inner white dome, the energy effective LED and the new optic makes this design stable and suitable for any city. The UrbanMoon fixture makes use of Philip’s round LEDGINE module, ensuring that all functional lighting requirements are met.


The UrbanMoon is ideal for roads, streets, city centres, pedestrian ways and open areas. UrbanMoon is designed to give new life and atmosphere to its surroundings, without disturbing the architecture, facades or experience of the area.

Philips Lighting


Philips Lighting focuses on providing innovative solutions centered on the end-user, on energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a deep understanding of customer needs – at home and in public spaces.


With new lighting technologies such as LED technology and the increasing demand for energy-saving solutions, Philips will continue developing groundbreaking new lighting products.


Holscher Design has designed two street light systems for Philips – the Philips MileWide and the Philips MileWide 2 – made for the MileWide road accessories.


UrbanMoon combines transparent design during the day with beautiful light during the night.