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Pressalit SignArt

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Stig Myler

Senior Project Manager & Managing Partner
Phone: +45 40 52 14 16


Pressalit SignArt


Sitting comfort, hygiene and adapting the design to Pressalit’s production methods were the main focus regarding the design expression of toilet seats for Pressalit.


We have built a number of functions into Sign Art – mostly incorporated in the unique hinge at the back of the seat. Soft-Close for instance. Let the seat go and it will land softly and silently on the pan. Quick-Release – press the button on either side of the seat and it is released, for easier cleaning.


This seat combines 3 obvious shapes: The saddle shape of the cover, the cylinder hinge and the horizontal surface of the handles. The handles are a natural part of the design, and enhance the hygienic dimension of the seat. Pressalit Sign Art has been designed for Ifö’s ceramic line named Sign Art.



Pressalit was established in 1954 in a carpenters’ workshop in Esbjerg. One night, a cat in the workshop accidentally overturned a pot of glue.


The glue spilled over a hot radiator and forms a puddle in the sawdust on the floor. The result was a material with great possibilities.


Today, Pressalit manufactures a wide range of toilet seats in various materials, mainly in duroplast. All products are developed and manufactured in Denmark.


Holscher Design has a long standing collaboration with Pressalit developed toilet seats.

Sign Art with SoftClose is characterized by its beautiful, distinctive design. Functional. Intelligent. The seat closes automatically, maintaining order in the bathroom.