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Client Info




Rasmus Holscher

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner

Phone: +45 27 11 95 25




Seed was founded in 2002 by Anders Berggreen, filmmaker and father of four, turned entrepreneur. As a traveling parent he asked himself how he could arrange his life practically and stay flexible.


This gave rise to the idea of an all-in-one pram and pushchair, offering a lot of storage space, with the ability to be folded up with a flick of the wrist.


The collaboration between Seed and Fiat has resulted in the Seed pram being designed to fit perfectly into the boot of the iconic Fiat 500.

The Seed is designed so nearly all parts can be recycled. The concept has created great interest on the market, due to its innovative design approach and functional features. It is already being exported to 30 countries.


Seed Papilio

Stroller with soft baby nest


Seed Fiat 500 Stroller

Light weight foldable pram.