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Unomedical Unometer Safeti

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Anders G. Ellegaard

Senior Project Manager & Partner
Phone: +45 20 64 64 43


Unomedical Unometer Safeti


Users do just-in time reading on a strictly need to know basis.


Still manuals are an important part of the experience of the product and should be as well designed and thought through as the product itself.


Unomedical asked us to cut their extensive manuals down to a minimum without compromising the vital knowledge it communicates.


Our focus was on connecting brand, product and manual while at the same time optimising the knowledge and service.


The outcome was less text and more intuitive manuals.



Unomedical is a global leader in the development of medical devices, marketed through many healthcare companies around the world.


The primary focus is single-use products for operating rooms and intensive care use such as catheters and urine collection bags, as well as a variety of single use continence and critical care products – from intensive care to community settings.


Unomedical is also the leading manufacturer of disposable infusion sets for insulin pumps, used for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.


Holscher Design has redesigned Unomedical’s manuals using less text and instead making them more intuitive. 


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Optimising an existing user guide


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User-friendly colostomy bag.