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Platform Design for Danmark's first Lightrail

Providing a pleasurable travel experience 

Safe, Nordic and User-friendly

Safety, recognisability and a Nordic design expression were the main goals for Danmark's first lightrail, Aarhus Letbane
Providing a safe and transparent platform environment with a high drgree of visibility was the main focus when designing the platforms.
At the same time, we put a great effort in achieving a positive impact for the city of Aarhus and its inhabitants.

For keeping light pollution as low as possible, low and local light-setting were developed. Colours and materials for shelter and pavings cohere with the urban surroundings and support the image of Aarhus.

" In reality, good design is, what you don't see, because it doesn't shout in your face, but is blending in in a subtle way, and is super functional. And that is a special ability, creating design that manages to provide good everyday experiences. The overall impression is, what matters to us, and you can see, that Holscher Design has put a lot of thought in the design expression. There is a red line all the way through the project."
Claus Rehfeldt, CEO, Aarhus Letbane


"With Holscher Design, I got a consultant with high aesthetic ambitions, and who has been capable of transforming the client’s wishes and visions into form.”
Britta Lyager Degn, Project Manager, Aarhus Letbane

Coherent urban design for Aarhus

30 years of experience in designing
products for the public space


Philips MileWide2

Street Lighting

The MileWide luminaries from Philips are part of a wide range of road accessories, which also contains traffic lights, signs and bus stop shelters




Dette er bare noget tekst i toppen.



Lighting fixture

UrbanMoon is a lighting fixture designed for larger roads, streets, city centres and open areas, and is the latest design in the successful collaboration between Philips and Holscher Design.


Aarhus Light Rail

Design consultancy for the first lightrail in Denmark

A Coherent Design Identity for Aarhus Lightrail.