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How to ensure
Common Health
and grow Business

Make the daily routines of both primary user
and maintenance easier and more hygienic.





The Berendsen Washroom line


Berendsen is Europe’s leading service company in offering textile provision, cleaning, maintenance and supply services to business customers in more than 15 countries across Northern Europe. 
Holscher Design has created a coherent series of  high end washroom products for Berendsen.




The Berendsen Washroom line is a range of hygiene dispensers for common washrooms. Each product is designed to function efficiently and to make the daily routines of both primary users and maintenance workers easy and hygienic. The outer layer is designed to give the various elements a stylish, uniform look. This layer is available in glass blasted steel, white, black or a multitude of colours, allowing you to choose appearance according to preference and style. The coloured covers are treated with a patented soft paint and all products have an antibacterial surface, reducing germs and the risk of catching a disease.

Designed to 
make daily
routines hygienic

By having the right strategy and powerfull team



Designed to function efficiently

"Each product is designed to function efficiently and to make the daily routines of primary users and also maintenance workers easy and hygienic. The outer layer is designed to give all the various elements a stylish uniform look."

Jette Banke, Partner Holscher Design


d line Bathroom + Washroom


Cleanness in its lines and cleanliness in its function



Toilet seats for Ifö/ Geberit

How to Create
The World’s Best



Toilet series


SignArt is a wide range of bathroom porcelain and furniture, and the most recent of
the three extensive bathroom furniture series designed by Holscher Design for Ifö Sanitär.



Spira sanitary porcelain

 40 years of close collaboration, 4 full sanitary lines - and much to come.