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CIGA Design

CIGA Design is committed to creating simple and innovative designs that define watches as a designer item,
that show sophistication with a different perspective.

The combination of Scandinavian aesthetics with traditional craftmanship create beauty,
​quality and long-lasting performance.



Sustained quality year after year

Carved from 316L stainless steel ensures life-long durability and superior strength.
Utilising surgical-grade materials means you are assured of sustained quality year after year.

Swarovski Pendant

Each Danish Watck includes an exclusively designed rose necklace, adorned with an original Swarovski crystal.



MIYOTA 90S5 automatic movement.  

The beating heart of the Danish Rose is the MIYOTA 90S5 automatic movement.
Visible jewel bearings and ultra-thin, this calibre is the perfect choice to add extended
beauty to the already elegant timepiece

& Aestetic

A watch is not just functional but is a reflection
of personality and individual thinking.



Toilet seats for Ifö/ Geberit

How to Create
The World’s Best


Aarhus Light Rail

Design consultancy for the first lightrail in Denmark

A Coherent Design Identity for Aarhus Lightrail.



Copenhagen Bus Shelter

Designed to support function and the urban surroundings