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d line designs,
now in fresh colours
and finishes

New colours and finishes for the architectural
ironmongery and bathroom accessories







Four sophisticated solid RAL colours join our offer, created to pair with our minimal designs. The colours occupy a scale that starts and ends with Black and White as its two extremes, with darker, richer Dusty Grey and paler, cooler Telegrey occupying the space between.
The colours are created as much with mixing as with matching in mind – both to other sanitary ware and to purpose. Bathroom accessories in white, for example, are perfect for spaces like hospitals, as white denotes cleanness and implies sterility, making patients feel reassured.

PVD Finishes

Our products have long been created in premium metals (see below), but now we’ve added to the possibilities in both aesthetics and hygiene, through our work with physical vapour deposition (PVD).

With it we can now create our levers and sanitary ware in a brushed satin or a polished finish, in gunmetal, copper, charcoal and brass. 

The use of PVD also means a warmer look can be created with our designs. Our development of the four finishes has resulted in combinations of materials and colours such as charcoal against smoked oak, while the brass was added for the low-fi glimmer it provides in darker spaces within restaurants, hotels and private homes – an elegant look that fits with our belief in timelessness over trends.


The d line
Colour Series

The d line sanitary range combines
cleanness in its lines with clean lines
in its function

Dispensers and bins, bathroom accessories

The d line sanitary range combines cleanness  in its lines with cleanliness in its function, and  unlike our hardware collection of individual yet complimentary items, this series consists of  fittings that form a cohesive whole. 
Dispensers and bins, bathroom accessories and a panel system of 21 pieces that can be configured up to 300 different ways make up the range, which sits as comfortably in the interior  design of private homes as in high-functioning, high-traffic public buildings. 
Wherever they appear, our sanitary products can be flexibly combined yet always provide the same uniform impression.  In their technical design, installation and maintenance are key  focuses, to meet the need for impeccable hygiene no matter how long they live in a space.


The d line sanitary range combines
a variation of colours.


d line

Architectural Hardware

d line hardware is all about balance: the balance between form and function; between
the senses of sight, hearing and touch; between that which you see and that which you don’t;


d line Handrail

Architectural Hardware

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d line Signs

Wayfinding system

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Spira sanitary porcelain

 40 years of close collaboration, 4 full sanitary lines - and much to come.