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The d line

The d line sanitary range combines
cleanness in its lines with clean lines
in its function



Design makes the difference

By having the right Strategy and powerfull team


d line’s move into barrier-free is about enabling  people, and as with many of the products we design, our leap into this important new area   started with a need.
When we were approached by the House of Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark to create truly universal architectural ironmongery for the world’s most accessible office building, the organisation’s inspiring ambition to democratise daily life instantly became part of our thinking at d line. We realised that, with 10 per cent of the

Western population suffering from a  disability and with the global population living longer, our energies could be put into products that, while being attractive, could make life easier and better for all.


Dispensers and bins, bathroom accessories

The d line sanitary range combines cleanness  in its lines with cleanliness in its function, and  unlike our hardware collection of individual yet complimentary items, this series consists of  fittings that form a cohesive whole. 
Dispensers and bins, bathroom accessories and a panel system of 21 pieces that can be configured up to 300 different ways make up the range, which sits as comfortably in the interior  design of private homes as in high-functioning, high-traffic public buildings. 
Wherever they appear, our sanitary products can be flexibly combined yet always provide the same uniform impression.  In their technical design, installation and maintenance are key  focuses, to meet the need for impeccable hygiene no matter how long they live in a space.

in its line...

The d line sanitary range combines
cleanness in its lines.


d line

Architectural Hardware

d line hardware is all about balance: the balance between form and function; between
the senses of sight, hearing and touch; between that which you see and that which you don’t;


d line Handrail

Architectural Hardware

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d line Signs

Wayfinding system

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Spira sanitary porcelain

 40 years of close collaboration, 4 full sanitary lines - and much to come.