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The d line

The d line handrail range
enhances architecture



An intelligent solution

d line’s handrail system is uniquely constructed of a number of standard modular components. This means that on-site fabrication or welding is not required.

The goal was to design a handrail system to accommodate the challenging constructions and structural variations of staircase geometries, without compromising the aesthetics of the design. The key was the fixing-point. Nylon rings that can be added or removed, enabling all degrees of bend angles. This allows the balustrade to mould itself to the inherent architecture – however challenging it may be.

The strength of the system is further underlined by the approval from British Standard Institute.

"We are not just talking about a close relationship between partners.
Regarding design, it also includes the teamwork for the conceptual marketing. 
As a result, d line has a unique outstanding position within the building component trade.”

Hans Christian Petersen, CEO d line

First choice for leading architects

d line is simple, reliable, innovative - a coherent series of enduring architectural, sanitary ware and solutions for barrier-free living

No bending and molding

Mounting is very simple with the components engineered to accommodate various on-site conditions.
The d line handrail system includes an engineered concept for minimizing the amount of custom bending required.
The Omnibend connects individually tapered disks, that can be added or subtracted to create virtually any angle.

Designed by Architects to meet Architect's needs

Meticulous in form, function, feel and construction
Streamlined without fuss, yet
with a smooth tactility that asks to be handled.


d line

Architectural Hardware

d line hardware is all about balance: the balance between form and function; between
the senses of sight, hearing and touch; between that which you see and that which you don’t;


d line Bathroom + Washroom


Cleanness in its lines and cleanliness in its function


d line Signs

Wayfinding system

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