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d Line and Holscher Design - 40 Years of Succesful Collaboration

The d line ethos derives from a belief that design should be minimal, efficient and effective – a principle realised through form, strength and function. d line international has developed this philosophy in conjunction with Holscher Design, creating a broad family of products over a period of four decades, underpinning the evolution of a truly unique approach to architectural detail.

d line continually strives to comprise beautifully detailed building accessories which are eminently practical and compromise neither the designer’s nor client’s aesthetic demands.

The d line Sign System

The d line signage systems are developed with flexibility in mind – flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing environments in which they serve as direction and information posts. The sign range is a result of experimenting with surfaces.
The steel was brushed or glass bead blasted – a new method leaving the surface with a matt appearance contrasting the brushed shiny steel.
In addition, acrylic material was introduced after undergoing a meticulous process of colour selection. The result was a bright green acrylic – a fresh addition that complimented the steel – a colour and material combination which became so popular that it was also integrated in the bathroom series. Today, the green acrylic colour is synonymous with the d line universe.
"What makes d line special compared to other products is the relationship between a broad range of products that are visually related. 
You have a high design and anonymity yet d line somehow manages to retain its own identity”

John Small, Project Director,
Sir Norman Foster & Partners, London

Designed by Architects for Architects

The original classic stainless steel sign system  remains the only modular sign system exclusively in 316 stainless steel.

The product combines lockable paper holding with many different surface materials including stainless steel, frosted acrylic and a range of other finishes.
Unlike other signage systems that attempt to lock, this product requires no special tools.

Braille Text

The adoption of ceramic text creates
the most indestructable text
method possible


Sirius Interior Signage System

A versatile signage system - sophisticated in the detailing


d line

Architectural Hardware

d line hardware is all about balance: the balance between form and function; between
the senses of sight, hearing and touch; between that which you see and that which you don’t;


d line Bathroom + Washroom


Cleanness in its lines and cleanliness in its function


d line Handrail

Architectural Hardware

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