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Dynaudio S4-W80
Architectural Speaker

The smallest built-in ceiling/wall speaker in
Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio



No visible wires, no fuss

Just add music. Or movies, for that matter. Whatever you’re listening to, the S4-W80 in-wall speaker from Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio range delivers accuracy and refinement.
Offering a bold, authoritative sound, the S4-W80 makes easy work of bigger rooms - thanks to its large 20cm mid/bass driver, which is matched with Dynaudio’s iconic 28mm soft-dome tweeter for a treble that sings.
Getting custom audio into your home shouldn’t be hard, and Dynaudio’s specially designed easy-mount frames can be installed quickly and simply during any building or renovation process.
Not planning on tearing down your walls any time soon? The frames can also be retrofitted into the majority of existing wall cavities for fuss-free installation.


A compact flexible in-ceiling speaker that can adapt to your room

The S4-C65 might be the smallest in-ceiling speaker in Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio range, but you’d never know from its performance. The 17cm mid/bass driver takes some cues from Dynaudio’s high-end speakers – such as positioning its magnet system inside the voice coil, to keep things sounding as they should… even when it’s turned up to 11.

This complements the 28mm precision-coated soft dome tweeter, which can pivot to direct sound exactly where it’s needed in the room.

Like the rest of the Studio range, the S4-C65 couldn’t be simpler to install and, once it’s in place, can be cleverly re-positioned through 360 degrees should you decide to have a furniture reshuffle. Not just that, but paintable grilles, in round or square designs, mean you can customise their design to suit you.


No visible wires,
no fuss

The smallest In-ceiling/wall speaker in
Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio 










No visible wires,
no fuss

The smallest In-ceilin/wall speaker in
Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio 


CISCO Aquarius

Teleprensence system

The Aquarius series is designed for use in meeting rooms, board rooms or personal working areas/offices as well as dedicated meeting rooms for teleconferencing.



Black Swan Smartphone

For those, who care about the details

CISCO Telepresence

Telepresence System

Telepresence system



Home Line Audio

Establish Dynaudio in a new product segment.