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FLOS and Holscher Design

For 20 years, the international lighting brand FLOS and Holscher Design have been working together creating designs for clients all over the world.

Italian FLOS is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, renowned for their high-quality products and long-standing collaborations with noted international designers.

Together, FLOS and Holscher Design have created bestselling architectural luminaire families with more than half a million spotlights sold worldwide.

The story behind the long-term collaboration between FLOS and Holscher Design is a story of mutual respect, shared values, and a high design standard. But it is also a story of great business results.
In a design perspective, Italy and Denmark have a lot in common, as both countries have enjoyed great international recognition as design nations where design has become a recognized trademark.
Holscher Design is deeply rooted in the Danish-Scandinavian design tradition. We strive to create durable products of high aesthetic and functional quality - crucial parameters for a company like FLOS where the ultimate goal is to design iconic classics with global brand strength – the red thread in our collaboration.


Stig Myler, Designer and Managing Partner at Holscher Design, reflects on the collaboration with FLOS:

How did it all begin?

“It began – as design collaborations often do – with a case that inspired the client. The Spanish lighting company Antares turned to us with a request for a series of track spotlights. Antares became aware of Holscher Design because of our successful work for a - at the time - German leading player in the field of technical lighting.
Antares later on was acquired by FLOS - then named FLOS Architectural - with a strategic desire to conquer space in the global, professional lighting market.
This is how it began – and it has been an exciting journey and ‘happy marriage’ ever since.”

Why is FLOS and Holscher Design a good match?
“FLOS luminaires have always been one step ahead in terms of appearance and technical innovations, which has given them a unique, often iconic status. FLOS’ products are defined by their strong identity as well as a sculptural, artistic touch. To master this as a designer is a prerequisite, if you want to work with FLOS.
You have to come up with new ideas and innovative designs continuously, to make a collaboration last for 20 years. A mutual respect and drive to innovate is a key parameter and keeps the collaboration fresh and in synch with the ever-evolving architectural market.


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How is the case from a business perspective?

“FLOS has all the way been clear about their strategic focus, driven by the vision to be the world leading lighting manufacturer. As designers, our noblest task is to help achieve that goal. In a long-term cooperation between a design firm and a client it’s crucial that the journey has a strategic mission and a clear business vision - guiding both the design work and the collaboration:
In short, that means that the focus not solely lies on creating great designs – but also on the story that goes beyond the design!
At Holscher Design, we specialize in what we call Strategic Product Design. With product design as our core competence, we have built a business strategic methodology on top of our strong design capabilities. Understanding a business’ needs, and how we as designers can help fuel those needs is critical for a lasting collaboration and for creating a strong and growing business case over time.


Pure track light series

Flos’ best-selling lighting fixture: Flos Pure.


Spot Light System

Family of lighting devices designed for ceiling, track or recessed mounting.


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The light to serve architecture

The light to serve architecture