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Spira Art

Spira is inspired by the beautiful Nordic nature.
A balance between hard and soft lines
is essential in the design of Spira.

Spira combines the qualities of Scandinavian design
with technical innovations and
highly efficient production methods.

We reach state-of-the-art innovation in every series of Ifö products,
which often become average functions in other brands soon after.
Spira’s innovation rim-free helps avoid lime scale formation.

”There is no doubt that the co-operation
with Holscher Design has had a great impact
on the success of Ifö in the last decades.”
Peter Jangstam, CEO Ifö





Ifö has 60%
of the Sanitary market

shares in Denmark and Sweden, and 20%
in Norway. Market shares in Russia are growing too.

The collaboration between Ifö and Holscher Design has lasted 40 years and continues still. Over the past four decades, Holscher Design has created four full sanitary product series for Ifö, ensuring that the Ifö-DNA is part of each piece of porcelain and seat that leaves the Swedish factory in Bromölla.


We create meaningful

That suit the client's portfolio
and match the brand.


Toilet series


SignArt is a wide range of bathroom porcelain and furniture, and the most recent of
the three extensive bathroom furniture series designed by Holscher Design for Ifö Sanitär.



Toilet seats for Ifö/ Geberit

How to Create
The World’s Best


d line Bathroom + Washroom


Cleanness in its lines and cleanliness in its function



Washroom Line

The Berendsen Washroom line is a range of hygiene dispensers for common washrooms, available in many colours.