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Black Swan
for ID2ME

for those who care about the details


Danish designed phone for the Asian market

ID2ME – an ambitious client aiming for a Danish designed phone for the Chinese market – which is craving for Scandinavian lifestyle products.Mobile devices are vital parts of our everyday lives. Your choice or ability to buy a specific mobile is an important statement to the surroundings.The understated design and detailing appeals to the modern Chinese consumer.


We do

That fit into the clients portfolio
and match the brand  



Home Line Audio

Establish Dynaudio in a new product segment.


Architectural Speaker

Architectural Speaker


CISCO Telepresence

Telepresence System

Telepresence system


CISCO Aquarius

Teleprensence system

The Aquarius series is designed for use in meeting rooms, board rooms or personal working areas/offices as well as dedicated meeting rooms for teleconferencing.