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IRoof Solar Panels

Taking the future to a new level

"Technological Institute has measured and documented the improved cooling of solar panels.
Every 10 dregrees increasement in varmth of a solar panels means 4 degrees less energy."

Technological Insitute

The process

Holscher Design has been an important part of the team behind the design process for iRoof – a revolutionary concept in the field of solar energy. 

The iRoof system is applicable for all standard solar cells on the market. The system’s composition of panels ensure natural ventilation and easy service access from all sides. The system works like the highest standard solar cell systems on the market, and iRoof Solar gives the same performance and durability guarantee.

iRoof has been developed in cooperation between a number of companies, each with different expertise and knowledge on the subject.

Design makes
the difference

The iRoof system makes it possible, for the first time ever, to install solar cells on slanting roofs so the panels span the entire roof, appearing as one homogenous surface.

Design makes the difference

iRoof Solar is an innovative solution for solar roof panels, making it possible to mount solar cells on sloping roofs in
a far more aesthetical and flexible way than ever seen before.

Aarhus Light Rail

Design consultancy for the first lightrail in Denmark

A Coherent Design Identity for Aarhus Lightrail.


Metro Totem

CPH Metro

Dette er bare noget tekst i toppen.



Manhole Vestibule


Holscher Design has designed 50 manhole vestibules ready for installation in the city of Oslo.

AFA Aarhus

Bus shelter

Bus shelter for the city of Aarhus