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Long term collaboration
with AFA JCDecaux 
in urban architecture

Copenhagen bus shelter

”The collaboration between AFA JCDecaux’s Research and Development Team and Holscher Design has led to the production of street furniture, which all has a public service function and also allows the integration of advertising that is aesthetically pleasing.”
Kim Axelsen, CEO AFA JCDecaux

Design makes the difference

The bus shelters are placed in the majority of busstop locations in the Copenhagen metropolitan area and throughout various other Danish cities. 
The subtle and transparent expression makes them suitable for many different urban environments.

AFA JCDecaux
Mupi advertising
in urban architecture

Copenhagen mupi


Design makes the difference

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Copenhagen Bus Terminal

Urban design

Aarhus Light Rail

Design consultancy for the first lightrail in Denmark

A Coherent Design Identity for Aarhus Lightrail.


Metro Totem

CPH Metro

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Manhole Vestibule


Holscher Design has designed 50 manhole vestibules ready for installation in the city of Oslo.

AFA Aarhus

Bus shelter

Bus shelter for the city of Aarhus