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For Light Years

High end elegant bollard series



Primula is a series of outdoor lighting
Primula is a series of outdoor lighting based on effective, non-glaring illumination, optimising the light from its source. Primula uses a combination of optical elements, also making use of stray light. The basic component is a symmetrical reflector transmitting light from the source directly to the top reflector, ensuring an effective distribution.The other optical element is white reflecting rings, utilizing the light which is not hitting the reflector. The stray light is collected and used by the white rings, without affecting the lamp’s efficiency. Primula’s top and base are constructed of heat-galvanized steel pipe, finished in flat, grey powdered lacquer. The shade is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, and the white reflector rings are made of lacquered aluminium. The head is fastened to the base with a bayonet lock, allowing easy access to the light source.

"Primula is a series of outdoor lighting based on effective, non-glaring illumination,
optimising the light from its source."
Stig Myler, partner Holscher Design



by Holscher
For Light Years





Philips MileWide2

Street Lighting

The MileWide luminaries from Philips are part of a wide range of road accessories, which also contains traffic lights, signs and bus stop shelters




Dette er bare noget tekst i toppen.



Lighting fixture

UrbanMoon is a lighting fixture designed for larger roads, streets, city centres and open areas, and is the latest design in the successful collaboration between Philips and Holscher Design.


Aarhus Light Rail

Design consultancy for the first lightrail in Denmark

A Coherent Design Identity for Aarhus Lightrail.