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Plateau for

A table that invites social interaction


Out-sider is Scandinavia

Out-sider is Scandinavia’s most challenging supplier of urban outdoor equipment for public environments.
Out-sider has a progressive approach to urban furnishing design, whether by new forms, new materials, new uses, or new methods of technological integration.


PLATEAU – a pleasant alternative to the traditional picnic table. PLATEAU is an outdoor table surrounded by an integrated bench to invite social interaction. PLATEAU seats 12 for dining, studying, working or just relaxing around this functional table. Maintenance free – made in high pressure laminate and warm galvanized steel.

Playing with the

That fit into the client's portfolio and matches the brand   


Graphic furniture

PLATEAU appears as a very tight and almost graphic furniture with strong roots in Scandinavian design tradition. Shape and size provide a lot of seating in a social formation. Strong materials, which means that it does not require maintenance in addition to water / soap.

Designed in 3 models, with accessibility available, to accommodate all users. A functional and aesthetic solution is achieved by combining the models.

In its basic form, the Plateau O is a table with an integrated bench, where the bench encircles the entire table.
Accommodates 10-12 people.




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