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Urban Glow by Philips 

Road Light System


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Philips Lighting focuses on providing innovative solutions centered on the end-user, on energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a deep understanding of customer needs – at home and in public spaces. With new lighting technologies such as LED technology and the increasing demand for energy-saving solutions, Philips will continue developing groundbreaking new lighting products. Holscher Design has designed two street light systems for Philips – the Philips MileWide and the Philips MileWide 2 – made for the MileWide road accessories.

"UrbanGlow is an elegant light especially suitable for minor suburban streets and pathways, and is one of the latest designs in the successful collaboration between Philips and Holscher Design.

Stig Myler, Managing Partner, Holscher Design








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Simply unpack it, undfold it, latch in the seat and off you go. No specialist and no manual is required fos assembly.