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Pictoform is a system of tactile guidelines developed to assist those who are blind and visually impaired in navigating their environment. The range consists of single buds, as well as paving tiles in different materials.
Due to their aesthetic qualities, all these elements enhance the architectural facets of urban public spaces.
Pictoform elements can be used for several purposes: indicating routes across an area, marking shifts from pavement to road, or indicating bus stops.
The system is particularly useful in and around hubs or city centers with open spaces and pedestrian areas. Both the shape of the bud and its sound when touched by the mobility cane are optimized in order to guide visually impaired pedestrians. Thereby, Pictoform is an efficient, functional device for its users while at the same time adding an aesthetic quality to its surroundings.



" The elements are produced as multiples and single identifiers in cast iron, bronze and concrete. Due to their aesthetic qualities, these elements enhance the architectural facets of urban public spaces.

- Jens Chr. Larsen, Partner Holscher Design


GH form

Since 1995, design has been an essential element for the Danish, family-owned iron foundry, GH form, in the development of park and road equipment. GH form is specialized in cast iron, but other materials such as stainless steel, wood, plastic, bronze, copper, aluminum and rubber coatings are integrated in the wide product range.

In close cooperation with designers and architects, the company has succeeded in launching durable and functional products with a high degree of aesthetic quality, worshiped by many architects. Over two decades, Holscher Design has developed a variety of urban designs in close collaboration with GH form.





Light up the dark

The latest member of the Pictoform family: cast iron buds with colour inlays or flourescent, solar-driven surfaces. For the visually impaired, a little illumination can dramatically improve the difficulties of navigation.  


Philips MileWide 1

Road lighting system

Philips MileWide1 is part of a wide range of road accessories,
consisting also of traffic lights, signs and bus stop shelters.

Metro Totem

CPH Metro

Dette er bare noget tekst i toppen.



​PLATEAU - picnic table

A table that invites social interaction.