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small innovations
to make everyday
life a lot better

"Since the beginning of the 1980s, Holscher design has been an important part of industrial design and
development of Pressalit’s toilet seats, not only because of their ability to underline a special
Scandinavian design twist, but also because they have kept up with the technological development...
Over the years, our cooperation with Holscher design has developed into an important partnership that we have the greatest respect for here at Pressalit."

Dan Bøjter, Non-Executive Officer, Board Member & Owner Pressalit

Aiming high together

Holscher Design and Pressalit have been collaborating around the design of toilet seats for
Ifö/ Geberit toilet seats for 40 years.Always with the user in focus, the Pressalit toilet seats
are designed with functional innovations as soft-close,
integrated release-buttons, and automatic closing systems.
Furthermore, best hygiene is supported by integrated lift handles in the cover to avoid
direct contact wih the seat.
Small changes, that make a necessity a good experience.



"The toilet seat is the finish on the porcelain toilet. Therefore, we focus
on creating good toilet seat design that unites aesthetics, comfort and functionality.
Considerations for both primary users in private homes, users in public toilets
and easy cleaning are important ingredients for a good product."

Jette Banke, Partner, Holscher Design


Design makes the difference

Pressalit Sign Art is Nordic in its design. The toilet seat is functional but far from cool. Sign Art is a small piece of everyday art that honors the ability to live life. It has quick-release and soft close. The design allows three shapes to meet in an obvious interaction. The bow of the bolt, the cylinder's shape and the horizontal surfaces of the grips. The toilet seat is designed specifically for Ifö Sign Art.
Pressalit Spira Art. Clean language and pure enjoyment. Spira Art is the natural connection between the bathroom's curved design and the bare curved human body. Thoughtful design has resulted in a seat that is inviting and intuitive to open with the tip of a finger tip. It has quick-release and soft close. Designed specifically for Ifö Spira Art and Ifö Spira. The designer behind the seat is Knud Holscher.
Simplicity and elegance characterize the design in Cera +. The soft, rounded edges and soft close mechanism of the toilet seat get shape and function to go hand in hand. Designed specifically for Ifö Cera


To close the toilet....


Spira sanitary porcelain

 40 years of close collaboration, 4 full sanitary lines - and much to come.





Washroom Line

The Berendsen Washroom line is a range of hygiene dispensers for common washrooms, available in many colours.



Toilet series


SignArt is a wide range of bathroom porcelain and furniture, and the most recent of
the three extensive bathroom furniture series designed by Holscher Design for Ifö Sanitär.


d line Bathroom + Washroom


Cleanness in its lines and cleanliness in its function