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The new
SEED Papilio
Urban Stroller

Maximum mobility
without jeopardizing quality or design   



" One of the leading Danish industrial designers today is Knud Holscher. We developed the first version of the Papilio stroller together with him.
He loved our idea, and we loved his design."

Anders Berggreen, CEO Seed

Designing the optimal stroller

Seed strollers incorporate a tilt-proof rectangular chassis in its design.
In order to use more recycling-friendly materials than plastics, injection
moulded magnesium and aluminium make up the chassis instead.








"I think that the human-centric approach, that permeates Holscher Design, and where orderliness is a keyword, has increased our own integrity i more or less everything we do as a company.
Our cooperation with Holscher Design goes far beyond design." 

Anders Berggreen, CEO Seed





Design makes the difference

Papillio stroller is designed to make it safer being a child and easier being a parent. With Papillio you can take a stroll with your child awake in a pushchair and return home with a sleeping child in a pram. The transformation from one to the other only takes a few seconds, following a few simple steps.
The aluminum frame folds easily together and the wheels automatically fold underneath the stroller, making it a height of only 22 cm. The stroller can also be folded flat. In total a Papillio weighs 13 kilos.

Design makes the difference

Ultra-flat/ only 22cm in height
Easy to assemble
Tilt-proof chassis
Environmentally friendly/ magnesium components
Ergonomic seat
Large storage area




Seed Urban Stroller

Safer being a child and easier being a parent.



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