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Visual identity for the
Shenzhen International
Design Fair

Communicating across borders


The 5th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair

The 5th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair is hosted by the People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, organized by 
Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession, co-organized by China Industrial Design Association and the Industrial Design Institute of Chinese
Mechanical Engineering Society.

Clear, Simple and Visual Identity


Holscher Design was given the opportunity to design the new identity for SZIDF International Design Fair.
A simple and strong graphic identity,​ that communicated the vision for our Chinese client, is the result.


Understanding people worldwide

By gaining user insight and having a powerful team


Design makes the difference

Seed Fiat 500 stroller is designed to make it safer being a child and easier being a parent. With Seed Fiat 500 you can take a stroll with your child awake in a pushchair and return home with a sleeping child in a pram. The transformation from one to the other only takes a few seconds, following a few simple steps.

The aluminum frame folds easily together and the wheels automatically fold underneath the stroller, making it a height of only 22 cm. The stroller can also be folded flat. In total a Seed Fiat 500 weighs 13 kilos.





New Identity

A Complete New Identity for DAMPA



New website

New Website for The First Aid company



Packaging identity


Packaging identity for the Levite soft drink company