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Holscher Design helps clients enhance the quality of people's lives
all over the world. We are one of Scandinavia's most recognized
and award-winning design studios with more than 25 years of experience.




We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals.

Holscher Design is a committed team of multidisciplinary professionals. We believe in creating meaningful experiences - intuitive, easy to use, and of high aesthetic value.
We approach our challenges with professional ambition, curiosity and an open mind.



We have helped clients enhance the quality of millions of people's lives

We passionatley believe that solutions based on genuine user insights can empower, enrich and energize both people and brands. By relentlessly pursuing our philosophy since 1969, we have helped clients enhance the quality of life for millions of people all over the world. And we have helped the same clients build and revitalize thousands of corporate, product and service brands globally.



Capable of creating value by design

Holscher Design is a full-service design consultancy. Our multi-disciplinary team provides consultancy within the whole scope of design – from industrial products, graphics, packaging and interior to branding, digital and service design. We are passionate about turning complex challenges into simple results.

Our experience and competence make us capable of creating value by design – for companies and customers in a large range of fields, such as Smart Ciy, Smart Home, Health/ Well-being, Lighting and many more.

The most dedicated people, the most inspiring place...

The ambition to create value and meaning every day: We cherish the Holscher Design culture...
Our culture is the base for excellent outcomes 





Holscher Active Team

Mountain Bike Race

Merida MTB Marathon is Denmark's largest and longest sports mountaineering race.


Urban Stroller

Anual study trip to Milano

LpS 2017 LED Professional

Symposium + EXPO

Austrian Light Conference

Holscher Ocean Race

Team Holscher

Holscher Design teamed up in two beautiful sailboats for a day on the ocean, sailing races, having fun and ending up for a great night amongst colleagues.

SZIDF Shenzen

Team Holscher in China

Holscher Design made the new identity for Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair



Active day at Kastelløbet Copenhagen's most beautiful setting...

Our History

Holscher Design is one of Scandinavia’s most recognized and award-winning 
design agencies with more than 40 years of experience      READ MORE

We help companies
grow their business...

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