About Holscher Design

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Our work method

Holscher Design’s work method consists of four business critical and value creating steps. This methodology allows us to understand the client needs, the market, and the end-users – in order to achieve our client’s business objectives through relevant and attractive design solutions.


Strategic product design company

Driven by deep people and market insights – and vertical industry expertise and capabilities – we help clients realize their visions and meet their business objectives by designing relevant and innovative products, solutions, and services.

Strong brands – sustainable value

We design for and help build powerful brands in Europe and the rest of the world – together we engage human beings, solve problems for people, and create sustainable value for business and societies.

Scandinavian design – global reach

With more than 40 years of experience and deeply rooted in the Danish-Scandinavian design tradition, we create thought-through products and services for our clients. Empathy for context, end-user, and the business – while balancing simplicity, shape and functionality – are cornerstones in our design methodology.


Anders G. Ellegaard


Brian Wendin

Business Development Director