A vision to reinvent urban mobility

Aesthetics as a driver for sustainability


NOOSA showcases the potential it sees in the interaction between vehicle and rider equipment in terms of safety, comfort and emotional experience. Attractive aesthetic appeal is a strong driver for succesful implementation and adoption of more sustainable solutions.

Smart, removable backpack

The new era of urban motorcycle is electric. Noosa is a modern motorcycle design with a removable back pack. The backpack makes it easy to carrie your helmet, groceries etc.

Helmet with head-up display and more ...

The rider will receive haptic feedback in the helmet, with several zones that can provide buzzing tactile feedback to the rider on the go. 

The HFS  functionality can be used to amplify mirrors as a threat detection system that will communicate with the helmet and buzz against the neck or temple to indicate the presence of other road users.

Choose ‘audio mode’, and feel the base of the music, vibrating your body to simulate the effect that woofers can create in a massive audio setting.



Anders Ellegaard, Partner, Holscher Design

“The concept is a complete sensory experience, with its haptic amplifiers and HUD helmet. The technology allows you to concentrate on the road and scooter, and enjoy the moment where you become one with your vehicle”

Anders G. Ellegaard


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