Geberit/Ifö Spira Art

Designing classics since 1976

Designing for a market leader

Holscher Design has been the main designer for Ifö, Swedish manufacturer of bathroom sanitary items since 1976. In this period, Ifö has become the most commonly used brand in large parts of Scandinavia. Over one million toilet units are manufactured annually in the Ifö factory in Sweden. In 2015, Ifö was acquired by Geberit. 

Innovative rim-free bowl design

Spira Art is the latest of four extensive series for Ifö, with a wide range of bathroom porcelain and furniture.

Spira Art’s toilet’s innovation is rim-free, a bowl design, which prevents lime scale formation and makes the toilet easy to clean.

Scandinavian design and high-tech production

Spira combines the qualities of Scandinavian design with high-tech production methods.

Peter Jangstam, CEO, Ifö

“There is no doubt that the cooperation with Holscher Design has had a major impact on Ifö’s success in the last decades.

I am particularly thinking of the ability to combine functionality with changes in the production methods while maintaining a consistent, timeless Scandinavian design.”

Jette Banke


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