Lego Brick Drawers

Playful storage

Design for the world’s leading toy brand

LEGO Brick Drawers is a family of colorful storage boxes, providing playful, easy, and safe access to a variety of items.

Completing the brick family

As a leading toy brand with a long history, LEGO and the iconic LEGOs have become a well-known and popular classic for people of all ages.

The LEGO Brick Drawers complete the Brick storage family.

A multi-use storage system

Stacked in piles, you save space and have access to the contents. The LEGO Brick Drawers can be placed almost anywhere and fit with the LEGO Storage Brick System. 

Fun and functional

A fun, lightweight, and decorative storage box with drawers for toys, office utensils and – of course – LEGOs!

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